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Multiversal Philosophy

About Multiversal™

Focusing on senior transformational talent, Multiversal™ is a unique, niche Executive Search firm, headquartered in Bangalore, India. Backed by strong consulting minds with extensive global experience in business and in top talent search, the focus is on adding people value to business using a 3C process (Client+Candidate+Community) to create a potential 3W ie win-win-win result.

The company is committed to delivering the absolute best candidate for the assignment, while also looking at synergy to add value to both client & company by an in-depth understanding of both the business & the non-business drivers for both, thereby creating a potentially larger impact on the universe around.

As the name suggests, it is assumed that both client and candidate stakeholders are neither cardboard cut outs nor one-dimensional, but occupy multiple universes.. By allowing for, and leveraging these dimensions, the Multiversal™ search process can unlock and create huge synergy. This then, could be the new search paradigm for the future.

Focus on Client


It is only with a deep understanding of the company, current drivers and future growth path, that an in-depth, sustainable, high impact search is possible. Consultants are committed to get under the skin of the company and the requirements in order to internalize critical data points challenge status quo and build true value. In addition, Multiversal™ consultants are also keen to unpeel the company’s intangible focus on being an exemplary corporate citizen, and making a difference to the world around as this adds a binding layer to creating a true cultural fit with a candidate.

Focus on Candidate

As seasoned headhunters, the narrowing down on candidates is a finely nuanced and high energy task. While the in depth interviewing of the candidate, detailed understanding of results, successes, attitude & leadership that is so necessary for success, remain the topmost focus in the process, Multiversal™ Consultants also take the effort to probe a little deeper into what make the candidate really tick, be it on the social or community worlds.

Focus on the Community

By using the Multiversal™ process, of creating additional metrics and connecting the dots, the impact is felt in a greater common good, community impact and purpose, in addition to increased loyalty of candidates and increased value to the universe. For companies who are increasingly aware of being conscious citizens, choosing this would be the easiest path to overall success.

The Multiversal™ Philosophy

To conclude, Multiversal™ Search is the game changer in the world of Talent Advisory where the best candidate, results and relevance remain paramount, but the stakeholders go beyond the client and candidate, and encompass the universal good as well.


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