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Future Perfect - TOI Independence Day 2018 Perspectives

In a special front page Times of India feature on Independence Day, in a feature titled "Future Perfect" a few people like Priya Chetty-Rajagopal, Multiversal Advisory Founder , Dr Radhakrishnan , former ISRO Chairman, Pankaj Advani, Billiards Champion, Imtiaz Ali, Filmaker , Santosh Desai , Political Commentator & Charu Sharma Sportscaster were asked for a quick thoughts in a few lines on India's economic future

"India's economy is bullish at the moment. We have a strong and robust economy. We need a huge focus on transforming lives of under-privileged. Ten years hence, we will see a lot more innovation, technical leadership from India." Priya Chetty-Rajagopal, Founder, Multiversal Advisory, Bengaluru

India continues to be a major importer of capital goods, aircraft, modern transport systems, electronic components and products, computers, etc. A renewed interest in our demographic dividend for pursuit and engagement in science is quite discernible. I am optimistic that India could gain a prominent niche globally in science and tech.

Dr K Radhakrishnan, former ISRO chief

India is going through a phase of shifting political ideology — the ‘Revivalist phase’, as there is a hankering for returning to the ancient glorified past — some of which may bereal and some imaginary. But whereIndian politics has lost, Indian society has gained. Indians of all age groups are engaging in political discussions; Gen Z is more hopeful and confident.

Santosh Desai, political commentator

Sport in India is a very distant, esoteric activity. Happily, cricket has grown a firm commercial root. Sadly, it has delayed the development of a healthy, multi sports environment. As we play catch up, standards are constantly improving around the globe. To promote sport in India, government can create an encouraging environment for the promotion of sport by providing real estate and tax relief. Corporate India has to wake up to the importance of promoting sport. Not as an urgent ROI vehicle, but as a nation developer. So where will sport be 5 years from now? No large change. What can accelerate positive change, apart from the points above? Having Rajyavardhan Rathore as sports minister for much longer! Cleaner, more professional administration of sport. Charu Sharma, Commentator

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